The intense orange of the TANGERINE model combines well with the gold and silver iPhones but also with the black ones. TANGERINE is made from natural bovine leather protected with a sealing layer which will prevent the formation of patina and keep the color unchanged. The hand seam is also done in orange. This DORADO CASE will protect your iPhone and add a stylish, exotic note in your day.

DORADO CASE is designed to protect the most vulnerable points of your iPhone (screen, edges and back).



  • Color: Orange
  • Thread color: Orange
  • Material: Full-grain genuine leather
  • Size iPhone 6/6S: 14cm X 6.5cm  (5.5in X 2.5in)
  • Brand: DORADO CASE


The special design of our cases, along with the soft and natural leather they are made of, allows not only a firm and confident handling of your iPhone but also an easy and unobstructed access to all of its buttons and surface sensors. The separate parts that make up a case are connected via a special sewing technique which gives the case a rather exotic look! In addition to the protection that our DORADO CASE provide to your iPhone they also can easily complement your overall style and elegance!