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1. What type of leather do you use in your products?

The leather type we use in our products is the so called full-grain leather. The toughest and most durable part of the hide (skin) of an animal is just below its hair. The grain in this part of the hide is very tightly patterned. The leather made from this layer is called “full-grain” leather. Full-grain leather is the strongest and most durable leather. Additionally, since the grain is so tightly packed, it resists moisture quite well.

Manufactured at the Province of Vincenza – Italy, our hides meet all European environmental regulations.

2. Is it true that over time full-grain leather changes its appearance?

Yes, but the change is usually quite desired! With time, full-grain leather will being to look nicer, and will develop a specific, authentic looking “wear” to it (called ”a patina”) from just being normally handled on a daily basis. This is similar to the “aging of wine”, in a sense!

3. I am having difficulty putting on my DORADO case on my iPhone. Is this normal?

It is possible that first few attempts to put on the DORADO case may require more strength. Natural leather requires some time before taking its final ideal shape for your device. Your DORADO case will fit and look better with time.

4. How to care for my DORADO case?

We use a selection of leathers that age beautifully over time, and very little (if any) care is necessary! If you would like to condition your leather, to re-hydrate it, or to jump start the darkening (getting that much desired “patina”!) process, we recommend pure Leather Oil. Just remember – a little goes a long way! Start with a very light, even coat, applied with a clean, dry cloth, and be sure to remove any excess oil. Allow the piece to dry completely before use.
Also, please avoid keeping sharp objects near your DORADO case. There is a risk that a scratch from a pointy or sharp object will create a defect in the leather beyond your liking (some people actually like such “defects”!). In addition, please avoid spilling any liquids over the case. In case of spotting the case (for example: with dirt or soil), we recommend to treat the spot as quickly as possible with a slightly damp cotton cloth by using a circular motion (without excess pressure).

5. Does my Dorado case protect my iPhone?

Based on our extensive testing and research, we concluded that a falling iPhone usually (statistically likely) lands on one of its edges. Based on this data, we decided to reinforce our cases in the edge areas. The back side is also fully protected. Finally, the most important part of your iPhone is its screen. In case your iPhone falls towards the ground with its screen first, it will likely land on one or more of our case’s edges first, which will absorb a significant amount of the impact energy, so the screen will thus be protected from shattering/scratching.

6. CAN I purchase and SHIP AN ITEM to a friend/relative AS A GIFT?

If you would like us to send your purchase as a gift, please add this into the notes section along with your greeting message. We will include a greeting card with your message and ship your order to the address you specified.

7. Do you take custom orders?

Due to the nature of our manufacturing, we are unable to make single custom pieces (most of the time). However, we might be able to accommodate some special projects that require larger quantities of production. Please email us at ask@casedorado.com for more information.


8. What if I’m experiencing issues with your website?

If you are having trouble checking out/finalizing a purchase, or are experiencing other website issues, please email us at ask@casedorado.com. We will respond as quickly as possible. Make sure your browser is up to date before contacting us.За съжаление към момента не изпълняваме поръчки по проект на клиента. Въпреки това, бихме изслушали предложения за проекти с по-голям тираж.

9. How can I pay?

You can pay with a Credit card, a debit card or via PayPal.