About us

Made by Hands, Inspired by Stars


The concept for our brand was born during a walk under the captivating night sky. Our desire was to create not just the next plain vanilla leather accessory, but an artwork that would challenge the senses with an exquisite, authentic and inspiring touch – just like the billions of shining stars in a clear night sky! So after some deliberation, we choose a name for our brand: “DORADO case”! Why “Dorado”, one might ask? Well, Dorado is a beautiful constellation in the southern Hemisphere and we believe that it perfectly symbolizes the core ideology of our products.

DORADO case offers luxurious handcrafted cases for the iPhone, produced with great care from the highest quality, full-grain leather. In the process of creating our products, we always strive to mix in a fresh balance of style, quality and functionality.

We believe that through the diligence, love and inspiration that we put in every stitch of our DORADO case accessories, we’d succeed in artistically recreating the metaphorical grace of the night sky, and bring it to life for every one of our customers!

We put a lot of effort and love in every little step of the process – starting with the selection of the leather, continuing to the cutting, sewing and assembling, and finally to the packaging and shipping out the end product to you! We are all thankful and we highly appreciate that you chose DORADO case accessories!

Made by Hands, Inspired by Stars


Here is the team of folks that stand wholeheartedly behind our products:


Emil Naydenov


Ralitsa Atanasova


Ivan Naydenov

Made by Hands, Inspired by Stars


The leather type we use in our products is the so called full-grain leather. The toughest and most durable part of the hide (skin) of an animal is just below its hair. The grain in this part of the hide is very tightly patterned. The leather made from this layer is called “full-grain” leather. Full-grain leather is the strongest and most durable leather. Additionally, since the grain is so tightly packed, it resists moisture quite well.

Manufactured at the Province of Vincenza – Italy, our hides meet all European environmental regulations.

Made by Hands, Inspired by Stars


Nowadays, we live in industry and big-business driven, mass-manufacturing world. This modern type of manufacturing is frequently associated with dull and soulless results (and quote often – of marginal or poor quality), commercial “one-size-fits-all” designs, and the thirst for quick profits.

We put a lot of effort to differentiate ourselves from this stale, commercial world, and strive to preserve the originality and authenticity of our products. We believe that the sensations you’ll experience while handling your Dorado case are nothing like the ones you feel with a plain and regular, mass-produced phone case. Our team strongly believes that you will feel the positive energy and all the love invested in hand-making your leather case!